Mekw̓ wa’t a’xwest ikw̓ elo’ - Everyone Shares Here

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 In collaboration with the Kwantlen First Nation and the District of Mission, we are working to secure 65 acres of magical property on the shores of Stave Lake.

This will be home to our year-round, fully accessible camp facility. WCK is now offering programs in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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Stave Lake promises hope and healing - a perfect location for the future home of the WCK camp.

The region itself is remarkable. Magnificent waterways stream across the land, with five small lakes, waterfalls, and of course the Stave Reservoir itself. Groves of second growth rainforest populate the region along with diverse wildlife, including Canadian geese, rainbow trout, beaver, and river otters.

Want to learn More? Check out the future plans for the Stave West Forest and Recreation Area.

Stave West Forest and Recreation Area

The newly named Stave West Forest & Recreation Area is 50 sq. km. and has been given provincial designation as an interpretive forest. Mekẁ wa’t a’xwest ikẁelo’ is the local Halq’emeylem language name that shows respect for this area, and means everyone shares here. It recognizes that these culturally significant lands and waters have been, for countless generations, the shared traditional territory of the Kwantlen and other local First Nations.

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