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West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to creating joy and community for children and families facing childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Through our programs:

  • Kids with cancer and blood disorders will experience joy

  • Siblings will know they matter

  • Parents will know they are not alone



Quality and Safety - Committed to Excellence. There is no other option. Uphold professional competence. Adhere to best practices. Strive to continually improve.

Embracing Adventure - Be Bold. Be Brave.
Stay Wild. Let Kids be Kids. Think outside the box. Play. Create. Celebrate.

Accountability - To all.
To each other, kids, families, staff, volunteers, donors and community.

Inclusive - Collaborative, respectful relationships.
Advocate for what’s good and what’s right. Acknowledge adversity.

Transparency - Authenticity in all we do. Be committed. Be humble. Be true.



It started with a need—a need for more.
These kids deserve more. These families deserve more.

That need turned into a dream —a dream to build the best pediatric
oncology camp
in the world! That dream is now our goal.

I started volunteering at the local pediatric oncology camp almost twenty years ago. There I spent some of the best and most profound weeks of my life. I learned what true caring, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and inclusion meant—and I learned it from the kids. I would spend the days having the absolute best time, so much fun! And I would spend my nights in tears. Tears of sadness because of the cruelty of these incredible kids having to deal with this awful disease. But also tears of amazement and wonder reflecting on how these children who were suffering with the horrible effects of cancer could finally just have fun and be themselves without fear of others making fun of their bald heads, scars, or missing limbs…


I cannot count the number of times I heard a child say that their week of camp was the one and only thing they looked forward to—simply because they could just be themselves.


That is the cruelty of pediatric cancer. These kids, by virtue of what they are dealing with, cannot be kids. They endure endless needles, harsh and torturous medications, looks of sympathy and despair from kids and adults alike, and isolation because their immune systems are so compromised. But at camp, all of that disappears. Instead they just get to be kids.

If such a great camp exists, then what’s the problem, what’s the need? Want more info on this? (Check out our WHY section.) Well, one week of camp is just NOT enough. Camp alone is not enough. We are also of the strong belief that kids absolutely deserve more. The families deserve more.  

West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation is building a foundation to help kids and families at every stage of their experience with cancer and blood disorders .

What started as a dream, and a shared idea amongst dedicated volunteers, has now become our foundation. We welcome all on our exciting journey as we bring people and communities together to make this dream come true!


Mina Bullard on behalf of

West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation





Colin Worth - Board Chair

Why WCK?

In 2016 the world conspired to bring together the perfect combination of opportunity and compassionate, committed people after years of talking and dreaming about the possibility of ‘more’. I was blessed to be a part of that group and WCK is the result of our shared vision.

How do you stay wild?

We have two crazy dogs that demand to be walked every day and our home on the edge of the demonstration forest allows me to be in the ‘wild’ every day.

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Shannon Hartwig - Executive Director

Why WCK?

There is a need in me to challenge the status quo. When I came to realize the significant need of families dealing with childhood cancer in BC, I couldn’t help but do something. To get to give my time, energy and passion to something I feel so passionate about is an absolute gift.

How do you stay wild?

Staying wild is listening to the still quiet voice inside me. Leaning in and having difficult conversations that I know will clear the air. Swims in lakes at every opportunity.

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Bob Lawrence - Board Member

Why WCK?

Family is my life. I have tried to imagine how I would feel if my daughter, niece or nephew was diagnosed with cancer. And I can’t. I simply cannot imagine.  So where does that leave me? Asking what I can do, and then doing it. Offering my heart, and then giving it. WCK has given me the opportunity to help families overcome the unimaginable.

How do you stay wild?

By surrounding myself with wild people, and then hanging on for the ride!!  By allowing their energy, their creativity, their vision and their passion to inspire me to be energetic, creative and passionate. Face it, I am an accountant – not a lot of wild in my DNA, but throw me in a room with a bunch of wild, passionate dreamers and I am king of the jungle.


Anne Schretlen - Board Member


WCK is an organization that provides support and resources to children with cancer and their families; that provides relief and normalcy to families who struggle to find some in their everyday lives; that provides children an opportunity to play and form lasting friendships.  Any organization that enhances the lives of children is worth investing in.


Leaping tall buildings in a single bound is still a work in progress, but I love to sing, dance and make people laugh. It fills my heart to make a difference in someone’s life and bring a smile to their face.  Kids of all ages deserve to have fun and Stay Wild.  However I can help them do that, that’s my kind of ‘wild’!


Leslie Grover - Board Member


It is important for me to be actively involved in something that matters; something that helps; something that makes a difference. Being a part of WCK feeds my soul and gives me balance.


There is a physical and emotional wild that exists in all of us. For me following dreams, chasing goals, and witnessing joy in others provides an adrenaline rush that might be equal to jumping out of an airplane or scaling the side of a mountain for others.


Russell Drummond - Board Member

Why WCK?

The community and connections that WCK creates is why this organization is important to me. A cancer diagnosis is devastating; to be a tiny part of the joy that can be found throughout this difficult time, is the greatest honour for me. 

How do you stay wild?

Staying wild is part of who I am. I stay wild by breathing fresh mountain air - preferably snowshoeing - on winter nights, beside a campfire with my tent and good company, going for a swim in a lake on a summer's morning, and by spending time outside whenever and wherever possible. I love this tag line - Stay Wild! I look forward to hearing how you connect with it... how you 'Stay Wild'.


Mina Bullard - Board Member

Why WCK?

Volunteering at a pediatric oncology camp when I was 19 absolutely changed my life. I was so inspired and in awe of the kids, and found my life's passion because of them. I am a nurse because of them, and so much of who I am is because of the many years I had the privilege of spending time with these incredible kids and their families. One thing I knew from the beginning though, was that these kids and their families deserve more. And that is why I am involved with WCK. Nothing will ever be enough for kids battling cancer and their families. But with WCK we are making it our mission to simply do more. 

How do you stay wild?

I stay wild by being an advocate and challenging the status quo at every turn, and encouraging my children and my nursing students to do the same. I go on road trips blaring the music loud with the same girlfriends I've had for the last 30 years. I thoroughly relish the time I spend with my friends and family and pack in as many adventures as I can. I take great pleasure in hauling friends around in my bike trailer in search of Aurora Borealis, dance parties with Gowan, and staying up late to watch shooting stars all night long. Extreme seal spotting also helps me stay wild!




We are working in close partnership with the Kwantlen First Nation to create a place of healing, restoration and hope on Stave Lake for families experiencing childhood cancer. WCK is committed to working with all First Nations to honour their traditional territory.


District of Mission   

The District of Mission has supported the WCK intention to build a fully accessible summer camp for kids with cancer in their district since the very beginning.   Their moral and financial support has already contributed significantly in helping move our dream of a camp at Stave Lake to reality.


Stave West Committee

The Stave West Committee has welcomed WCK with open arms. We eagerly join them in their mission to respect and protect the Stave West area for generations to come.


Very Polite Agency

Very Polite has been an invaluable partner to WCK in guiding us to develop our brand and making us look good! They have been instrumental in helping us find our voice and tell our story.

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