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On average about 160 children and youth (age 0 - 19) are diagnosed with cancer in British Columbia each year.  That means on average about 350 kids are receiving cancer treatment in BC right now.

Let’s take a quick look at Alberta.

Alberta is roughly the same in population and annual childhood cancer diagnosis as British Columbia.  Yet in Alberta, kids with cancer and blood disorders are offered significantly more support than kids in BC, like 75% more support.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta has demonstrated that kids with cancer and their families can be well supported at every stage of their cancer diagnosis. They offer a program to fill families’ freezers with food, one-on-one tutoring, exercise programs, parent groups, and amazing camp programs.


Annual operating budgets of all
non-profits serving kids with cancer:


British Columbia:


This is a big disparity which leads us to believe, that kids with cancer in BC need more.

*these numbers are based on organizations offering support programs specifically for children with cancer. Other programs for children with chronic illnesses (like Make a Wish) have not been included.


 Are there other organizations that support kids with cancer?
You bet there are.  Like Children’s Wish, Make a Wish, Team Finn, Angel Flight. The organizations included in the $1.6 million mentioned above have a primary aim to provide support programs specifically for kids with cancer.

More? Don’t kids with cancer already have lots of resources.
There are a lot of cancer charities out there - for sure.  In BC, there are a few charities that support kids with cancer and their families and they are amazing. (want more info? - check out resource section below) What doesn’t exist? A primary voice for kids with cancer and blood disorders in British Columbia.

Why do we need to build a camp from scratch?
We believe kids affected by cancer and blood disorders need a ‘forever, permanent, always there’ facility - year round.  Kids and families need more than one week of camp each summer.

We also believe this camp needs to be 100% accessible. This means that kids with mobility challenges, balance issues and difficulty walking long distances will have access to the whole site.  Every room, every activity - including trails, should be accessible to everyone.

And still more.
WCK believes that families should be supported at every stage of their experience with cancer and blood disorders.  We are working hard alongside other childhood cancer charities to identify and fill in gaps in service to practically support kids and families.

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