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CITY Camp 2019

Day Camp is the perfect way for kids to have it all! Learn new skills, make new friends, play outside and sleep in their own bed each night. We know that not all families are familiar or comfortable with sending their kids away to overnight camp, so we made a program just for them.


A day camp environment allows for:

  • Creating good memory experiences apart from hospital and treatments
  • Children to connect with other children experiencing childhood cancer
  • Day time respite for parents and caregivers, yet comfort of home overnight
  • Close proximity to Surrey Memorial and BC Children's Hospital

Who can come?

  • Children between the ages of 6 (as of December 31, 2019) -12 years, who:
  • Are living with cancer/blood disorders (in treatment)
  • Are living beyond cancer/blood disorders
  • Are siblings of those living with/beyond cancer/blood disorders.


July 15 - 19 & 22 - 26
| 9 am - 3 pm
In partnership with the Surrey School District, Day Camp will be held at AHP Matthews Elementary School.

July 29 - Aug 2
| 9 am - 3 pm
In partnership Vancouver Talmud Torah, Day Camp will be held at their campus.



Culinary Care Program

The Culinary Care Program matches a family in the midst of childhood cancer with a professional chef. From here, the magic begins, as the chef prepares an unforgettable meal and offers a much needed escape from the realities of cancer.

We tailor this experience to meet the needs of each family.  We can host a Culinary Care program in your home or in one of our partner test kitchens.  We can make the evening a small cozy dinner with just your family or invite some friends to make it more of a party.

If your family or a family you know needs a night of Culinary Care, reach out to as at

In Hospital Parent Support

We are on a mission to give parents a teeny tiny break.  We are piloting a program to support parents whose children are in the midst of treatment at BC Children’s Hospital.

We’re starting with smoothies on Sundays but what we really want to know is how we can help parents feel less alone.  Got an idea? Reach out at



Got a program idea?

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.33.26 PM.png


Our goal is to have preliminary on-site Camp programs up and running by summer 2020. Our purpose-built, fully accessible camp facility will one day soon be our most notable program.

Located on 65 acres of magical forested property on the shores of Stave Lake, camp will be the place of hope, healing and restoration to support and enrich the lives of kids with cancer and their families.




+ Aren't there already some camp type programs for kids with cancer?

Yes and they are amazing. Check out Teen Adventures. They run weekend adventure type programs a few times a year. Check out Camp Goodtimes. They run 7 weeks of camp at different rented facilities in BC.

+ So… why are we building another camp and why do we need a new Foundation?

Those are great questions - and it’s too long to answer here. Check out the “why” that motivates WCK .

+ Where will the overnight camp be?

Right here on beautiful shore of Stave lake

+ What is camp called?

We don't know yet! We do know it won’t be called West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation - that is the name of our foundation and camp will be one of many programs we run. Got an idea of a name for us - let us know

+ Who can come to camp?

WCK was established to provide support for kids with cancer AND blood disorders and their families at any stage of their diagnosis. Specific program offerings are still under development - we are committed to extensively consulting with our community to offer programs that meet families’ needs.

+ Ok but can you give me a hint of what type of camp programs you will offer?

Well the thing is that WCK is going to run a whole host of programs, not just camp.

  • We’re going to run day camp in 2019, so kids can play all day and cozy up in their own beds each night. Check out our 2019 programs above.

Do you have a program idea? Let us know

+ There is lots of talk about making camp fully accessible, what does this entail?

WCK is working with an amazing architectural firm here in Vancouver called Human Studio to create designs and overall site flow that really works for people who might have difficulty walking long distances, or people using wheelchairs or walkers. Think boardwalks, gentle ramped areas, using the natural incline to build multi-level buildings and doorways wide enough to navigate through.

+ When will it be ready?

We really hope we can start offering some programs at camp in summer of 2021 - want to help us get there? Consider donating today.

+ What will it cost to attend camp?

Programs for kids and families affected by cancer will be offered at no cost to families and that’s all thanks to our amazing donors and sponsors.

+ Will you be renting out the facility?

Yes, once we have everything up and running with all the kinks worked out we will be eager to share the space when WCK is not using it. We’ve already had some very productive conversations with other community groups and businesses about renting the site and supporting WCK.